Moving Day

Okay y’all have waited long enough I think… Here is the new link for my new website-

Sadly, there will be no more posts on acoriginals, so be sure to follow and sign up for email updates on WantLikeNow! Don’t let anyone miss out on what’s coming up!

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Checking In

Wow, it’s been a really long while since I last posted! A lot has happened since then, so I figured it would be nice to let y’all know what has been going on. I went to camp for 10 days, pulled together this summer’s shoot, and, most importantly, started constructing a new website! It’s not quite finished, but it looks like it’ll be amazing. I’ll get the link out the second it is ready!

Pictures from the photo shoot will be out soon, so keep checking in!



This is from the day of the photo shoot– it was so gorgeous outside!

The Classy Cut-out



Yes, it’s June!

The craziness of summer has finally begun… I am heading off to camp tomorrow, and the day after I return we  are having our first summer photo shoot! I won’t spoil much, but be on the lookout for behind-the-scenes soon! We will be highlighting summer fashion with adorable clothing from The Pants Store and trendy accessories from Stella & Dot. Also, I (finally) decided on the new name for acoriginals, and I’ll start posting on the new website mid-June. The website isn’t quite ready yet, but keep checking in because I’ll post the link soon!

We all know that cut-out shirts can give off the wrong impression and just be horribly wrong. I definitely like to stick to smaller cut-outs, and I especially love the ones on this top. This very summery top is perfect for the hot days ahead, and the light blue color is absolutely beautiful on anybody. I paired this top with floral patterned jeans and some simple chestnut wedges. The links to where you can find these summer must-haves are below!




Well, I am off to camp for the next 9 days– Get ready for our next photo shoot, and keep sending in your ideas!


Dots & Dots


Happy summer!

Before I get to this outfit, I am so happy to announce our big summer plans! First off, we are going to have a big summer photo shoot, and we will be featuring accessories from Stella & Dot! Be sure to check out their website here!

We love Stella & Dot accessories!

Also, acoriginals will be moving to a new URL later this summer! We definitely want to be sure you can find us, so the new name and link will be posted on this site once we move! If you have any suggestions, be sure to contact us!

Now on to the outfit–

Dots add a fun, feminine touch to any casual outfit. In this outfit the white dots on the beige top mix perfectly with the trendy, chunky necklace. Pair that with some white skinny jeans and tall platform heels, and you are ready to go! Here is another outfit that I put together with dotted shorts and a statement necklace.






I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend– It looks like this is going to be a great (and busy) summer!


I love Ikat




Summer is so close, but so far away at the same time. Final exams are coming up this week, and to tell the truth I should probably be studying right now… I am so excited this school year is ending, but looking back it was a pretty good one (and really fast too!). Things especially started looking up when I started up acoriginals this winter, so a big thanks to everyone who follows us!

Ikat is the most popular print this season, but it also has a pretty interesting history too. Here’s just a bit of the story.

‘Ikat’ (pronounced ‘ee-KAHT’) is from the Malaysian word ‘mengikat’ or ‘to tie’. During the traditional process weavers tie loose threads together with grasses or wax-treated cotton to distinguish where the dye needs to be absorbed into the thread (this is sort of like tie-dye). The tribal print originated during the Dark Ages in parts of South America and Southeast Asia, but has grown to be a worldwide favorite.

It was originally very difficult for weavers to make (read more about it here), but modern dyeing techniques allow it to be recreated at an astonishing rate. However in the past, rather than dyeing the textile at the end of the weaving process, threads got their color before being woven into fabric. This left weavers with the difficult task of determining where the thread needed to go in order for the desired print to be achieved. The traditional process is hard, but the end product is a beautiful print with a bit of a blurry effect. The link earlier in this paragraph also shows pictures of different types of Ikat developed around the world- they’re pretty cool, so check them out!

This dressy bohemian print is found just about everywhere because of its versatility. The tribal aspects of it are surprisingly easy to incorporate into modern themes, and it ends up adding a unique flair rather than looking too traditional. You can find it in clothing, furniture, accessories, and other home decor items. Multi-colored Ikat is my favorite for clothing, but you can easily find it in one color if you want a simpler look.

But back to the outfit…

These colorful shorts are just great. They’ll go with anything you put them with, but stick to solid colors and stay away from major embellishments. These shorts are a fashion statement and do not need to be competing with other pieces! We paired them with a flawy, simple white tank and some pink ruffle shoes.

Here’s another similar outfit with Ikat shorts, and the links to what you see are below the picture!


Tank Top:

Ikat Shorts:

Ruffle Shoes:

Wrap Watch/Bracelet:

That’s all I have for you today! Be sure to keep checking in and leaving feedback (I love hearing what y’all think!)! I hope everyone has a great week; go find some Ikat!