Versatile Blogger Award

  Wow this is awesome! I am finally posting about the award that acoriginals won; it is called the Versatile Blogger Award (VBA), and you can read more about it here! It is an award on WordPress where bloggers can recognize each other for having well-written and interesting posts. LaniLouise from nominated me, so […]

That Outfit There

Is everyone ready for the start of a new week? For those of you who said “yes” congrats for already being ahead of the rest of us “no” people! Unfortunately it was raining this weekend, and we were not able to have the photo-shoot we planned on… Better luck next week I guess! I planned […]


I hope everyone has been doing well the past few days! I figured it might be beneficial to those in colder weather if I posted about spring layering. Blazers are the perfect way to do this, so keep reading to find out how to choose the perfect spring blazer! Classic black blazers are great year […]

Focus on Flowers

Hello! Wow, spring has finally arrived! The weather’s getting warmer, and, of course, there are flowers everywhere! Spring fashion really depends on the bright colors of flowers, but it also depends on the flowers themselves. Flowers are featured in many spring dresses, but good floral prints are hard to find because they can either come […]