About Us

Hello Goddesses-

Welcome to acoriginals! I am an aspiring designer/stylist looking to find my place in the industry I love. Behind me is a team of dedicated ladies (a.k.a. team goddess) working for that same purpose. We LOVE working to find the most interesting mix of clothing and accessories to enhance the lives (and wardrobes) of women all over the world. Along with items from stores you know and love, I will integrate my own pieces to add the acoriginals touch. Words cannot describe the appreciation I have for anyone that views or follows my site, and it means the world to my team and me when we can get feedback from our followers (tell us anything–we’re thick-skinned). In addition, feel free to contact us at teamgoddessheadquarters@gmail.com or twitter @teamgoddessace!

Thank you–


P.S. Got ideas? Inspiration? Tell us so we can incorporate it into our summer photo shoot!


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I’m so excited for you!! Thanks for liking my post! I enjoy helping others find their fashion style as well and will definitely be following your blog and providing feedback!! I already love it!!

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