Remember This?

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Before I start talking about this outfit, does anyone recognize the top on the model?

Well, this is the shirt I designed and posted about in “The acoriginals Process”! This is my favorite creation this spring, and to read a bit more about it be sure to check out that post!

This is another great outfit for the moderate spring/summer we’re having because the top is very lightweight, and the jeans add the perfect pop of color. Unfortunately, the color of the jeans in the picture is not available, but I found a pair in the same cut with a similar color. I also found a great lace/dot top that looks a lot like the acoriginals one! All of the available links are at the end of the post.

This look is clearly very comfortable and wearable, and any of these pieces are great compliments to any wardrobe!

Hope y’all have a great week!


On model:

AG Stevie Ankle Jeans in Neon Blue

acoriginals Black and White Peplum top

OTBT Bushnell Wedges

Look-Alike Outfit:

Dorothy Perkins Blush Spot Lace Contrast Shell

Mossimo Kalene Ankle Boots

AG The Legging Ankle Jean in Pigment Ice Blue


Behind the Scenes


I cannot think of a single way that our first photo shoot could have gone better! Of course, the sky threatened to completely soak us a couple times, but luckily the rain held off! Overall it was a perfect day, and I am so grateful for all of my beautiful friends who helped out by modeling and contributing their brilliant ideas to make this day happen!

Here are a few of the behind-the-scenes pictures from this weekend, look carefully to get a little preview!


Our very own soccer star


So many curls so little time…


But they turned out just right 🙂


Almost had a couple close calls…




Break time


Where’s my stylist?


Don’t let the faces fool you… it was about 45 degrees outside!


Always count on Team Goddess to pull through!


I guess work can be fun!


That’s a wrap!

Another massive thank you to everyone involved in the photo shoot! Y’all are the best!

Alright there’s the quick preview! I love these candids so much because they show off these amazing girls’ personalities, and more of them will definitely show up in future posts! Keep checking in to see more from our “Make It Work” event!



Make it Work


The date is set! acoriginals will be having a photo shoot this weekend, and I am so happy to announce what the theme/inspiration behind the big shoot is!

Fashion is so great because it can be interpreted differently by different people. The result of this “translation” is different trends and styles to choose from. Some pick the most expensive, flashy pieces, and some like to style with the most affordable trends. However, a reoccurring theme in fashion is the need to go and buy the newest trend at the right time in the right place.

Because money doesn’t exactly grow on trees, this tends to be a problem especially for fashionistas, like me.

Well no more worries because this dilemma is soon to be no more! This weekend Team Goddess is bringing all of their clothes together, and we are having a photo shoot styled entirely with clothes we already own. There will be plenty of fun, stylish outfits perfect for any spring occasion! And the best part of this is that you also have elements of all of these outfits in your wardrobe right now!

Just like the designers on Project Runway, acoriginals is going to Make it Work this weekend! I’ll be posting behind-the-scenes and frames starting this Sunday!



Versatile Blogger Award



Wow this is awesome!

I am finally posting about the award that acoriginals won; it is called the Versatile Blogger Award (VBA), and you can read more about it here! It is an award on WordPress where bloggers can recognize each other for having well-written and interesting posts. LaniLouise from nominated me, so a big thank you to you!

A perk of winning this award is that I get to share 15 blogs that I want to nominate for the award. These are some of my favorites, so go check them out! My nominations are…

There they are! I can’t wait to see how they respond to receiving this award, and I am so excited to hear more from them!

The final part of this award is that I share 7 things about me…

1. I (obviously) design and make clothes, but I don’t get to do this nearly as often as I want to because of school.

2. I am 2nd oldest of four kids. I have 3 brothers and no sisters… I guess that’s how I wound up with all the fashion sense in the family! I also have a 2 yr. old dog named Lily, who is possibly the sweetest/cutest dog alive.

3. I live in the South, but I absolutely hate hot weather. I actually prefer the colder weather up North. For this reason I also like the lake more than the beach.

4. If I could be anywhere in the world right now, I would be in Boston- Go Red Sox! It is my favorite city because of the food, fashion, history, and of course, the strong community of people. I want to go to college/live in Boston someday!

5. I cannot go to sleep without my iPod playing. It doesn’t matter if it is music, t.v., or a movie; something just has to be playing.

6. I love internet radio; I have music playing for the majority of the day! Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Spotify are definitely my favorite apps on my phone.

7. YoungLife is a big part of my life; I have been to several weekend camps at Sharptop Cove as both a camper and a member of the work crew. One year (hopefully soon!), I want to go to summer camp there. I actually have never been to summer camp, but I am going for the first time this June to Camp McDowell.

I want to thank everyone who views my website again. It makes me so happy that other people like to read my posts, and I hope to keep on improving and inspiring!



That Outfit There

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 9.37.48 PM

Is everyone ready for the start of a new week?

For those of you who said “yes” congrats for already being ahead of the rest of us “no” people!

Unfortunately it was raining this weekend, and we were not able to have the photo-shoot we planned on… Better luck next week I guess!

I planned this outfit alongside my mom (she came up with the title– y’all like it?), and let’s just say she has a bit more of a classic taste than me. We disagree on a lot of fashion choices, but let’s be real for a second- I am always right. But anyways this outfit is great for a dressy day at school, an easy day at lunch, or maybe even a night out (just add a jacket because it seems the weather hasn’t decided to change springy yet…)! As another plus, this outfit already has the mom approval! All the links will be posted below.








I hope everyone’s week starts off well!


(p.s. Mom, this one’s dedicated to you, love you :))