I love Ikat

  Hello! Summer is so close, but so far away at the same time. Final exams are coming up this week, and to tell the truth I should probably be studying right now… I am so excited this school year is ending, but looking back it was a pretty good one (and really fast too!). […]

Remember This?

Hello! Before I start talking about this outfit, does anyone recognize the top on the model? Well, this is the shirt I designed and posted about in “The acoriginals Process”! This is my favorite creation this spring, and to read a bit more about it be sure to check out that post! This is another […]

the acoriginals process

Hey everyone! Okay so I know that a lot of people want to get into designing and making clothes. I can definitely understand why because it is so rewarding to see the finished product, but there is a lot of work behind-the-scenes before that happens. In preparation for the premiere of acoriginals SPRING! I wanted […]