I love Ikat

  Hello! Summer is so close, but so far away at the same time. Final exams are coming up this week, and to tell the truth I should probably be studying right now… I am so excited this school year is ending, but looking back it was a pretty good one (and really fast too!). […]

Remember This?

Hello! Before I start talking about this outfit, does anyone recognize the top on the model? Well, this is the shirt I designed and posted about in “The acoriginals Process”! This is my favorite creation this spring, and to read a bit more about it be sure to check out that post! This is another […]

That Outfit There

Is everyone ready for the start of a new week? For those of you who said “yes” congrats for already being ahead of the rest of us “no” people! Unfortunately it was raining this weekend, and we were not able to have the photo-shoot we planned on… Better luck next week I guess! I planned […]

Focus on Flowers

Hello! Wow, spring has finally arrived! The weather’s getting warmer, and, of course, there are flowers everywhere! Spring fashion really depends on the bright colors of flowers, but it also depends on the flowers themselves. Flowers are featured in many spring dresses, but good floral prints are hard to find because they can either come […]